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Much has changed over the last 18 months and unfortunately Darkfire as a club, fanzine, resouce centre etc no longer exists. There is still a links page which may lead you to some interesting bands, retailers, websites and the like which I shall continue to keep up to date. As for reasons why stuff no longer exists it is simply that I'm now employed working and promoting full-time (and a half) in the Entertainments Industry so I simply don't have time to concentrate on side projects. If you are a band looking for gig feel free to contact me as I may be interested but beware that I'm as likely to be putting on Pop Idol winners as Industrial bands these days.

These pages will stay up as an archive and also so people can look back at the photos a small snapshot of time now gone by. I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported Darkfire as well as Angels and Penguins, we had some wonderful nights and I miss them - maybe one day I'll do a special one off but don't hold your breath!


DarkFire is based in Plymouth and exists to run gigs and clubs predominately on the 'darker' edges of music. You can find out more about us if you want by clicking the About Us link. For the very latest details about what we are up to please look in the News and Events sections. The Reviews section is not only our shows but also albums, gigs, clubs and books and even plays. Please feel free to vist our Noticeboard or Guestbook say hello or leave any comments. Penguins is a club run jointly by Darkfire and other DJs.
Feel free to EMAIL us with any comments or questions.


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