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Welcome to the Horsebridge Resource Centre
- which is just a silly name for something I put together while I really should have been doing far more important things.

I've got some more photos to go up and if anyone wishes to email some more I'll happily put them up as well.

The old noticeboard has gone and wasn't very good anyway as it was slow with lots of pop-ups and adverts, however there is a new shiny one now available here which is advert free, please keep it clean and tidy and sweep up before leaving.

For a map for people who can't remember where it is and have lost Bil's instructions, or should that be had Bil's instructions and got lost :) - Click MAP

Horsebridge 2003
Friday 18th April - Monday 21st April...

......I presume as that is Easter Weekend.

Horsebridge 2002
Photographic proof that it happened
Friday - Saturday

"At Easter, in a field in Cornwall and a pub in Devon (you know the one - little place called Horsebridge), we shall gather and do the do. We will be doing the usual (only better) and the unusual. Friday lunch to Monday lunch, or any time between." says Bil

Horsebridge 2001
Didn't happen due to Foot & Mouth but instead we had Del & Lisa's Stag Night
and Wedding to do.

Photos from pub pre-wedding

Horsebridge 2000
Friday 21st - Monday 24th April (ish)