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Most bands these days have music availble for download but there can be a difficulty in finding good music amongst the dross. So I've set out a collection of bands that are worth a listen. Some are well established bands with record deals others are up and coming. Darkfire regulars will recognise some of the names from my nights others may appear in the future. This will be a growing list updated as and when I get new stuff.

All tracks are owned by the artist in question and permission should be sought from them for any other than personal use. Click on the band's name to be taken to their Website.

Narcissus Pool : Click for Band Site

'Alien Nation' & 'Celebrity Skin' (MP3)
Well travelled and experienced band playing a mix of traditional goth with hard edge chemical beats.

Void Construct : Click for band site

'Disconnected' & 'Dust Angel' (Streamed Audio)
New stars of the UK Industrial Scene - supporting the likes of Front 242 in their fast rising career.
Katscan : Click for band site 'Kill Me' (Live) (MP3)
Born out of the ashes of Putra-Chic and featuring ex-members of Necromanic and Sneaky Bat Machine - Katscan play what they want to play - keep up or fade away.
Womb : Click for band site 'Dead Line', & 'The Cry' (Steamed Audio)
Imagine Depche Mode going Punk and you get some idea of the sound of this band - strong melodies and the fusing of a traditional goth background with modern electronica.

D-U-S-T : Click for band site

'Letters to the Hermit' & 'Nowhere Neverbe' (MP3)
A band that draws influences from artists as diverse as Gary Numan and Marilyn Manson yet produces a strong unique sound.
SYNTHETIC 'Trinity' & 'Survival Instinct' both require Flash Plug-In.
Well produced, layered sounds that build up and fade behind clear defined vocals, great hook lines, melodies and chorus as well as a stomping dance beat.

Next to each band is a brief description and then a list of tracks you can click on directly, they are various common formats MP3, Real, Windows Media etc and provided you have the software should play or download easily.
The tracks are stored on different servers so if one server is down it should not affect any of the others.