7.4.2 - New Darkfire Fanzine Out Soon -

7.4.2 - Photos from Electrofest now up on Photos page

23.2.2 - Photos from Malediction II now up on Photos page

23.2.2 - Darkfire is taking a bit of a break whilst we concentrate on Penguins.

10.12.1 -Photos from last Darkfire now up on Photos page

9.12.1 - Site has just moved hosts and some of the pages are being redone apologies if there are any problems - Please email me with any difficulties. New Photos are also going up soon.

9.12.1 - That's it for 2001 - Plans are underway for events in 2002 - watch this space for details.

9.12.1 - Thanks to all who came and made the Dec 1st such a success the band would like to express their appreciation as well.

30.11.1 - Just confirmed that the Engineers of Desire will also be doing a stall

28.11.1 - All is looking set for Saturday with one slight change DJ Kink is unfortunately unable to make it due to some personal problems. However we are lucky to have DJ Spiritus who will be spinning a wicked mixture of old favorites.

12.11.1 - Hosting of these pages are about to be moved - apologies for any disruptions - emails may also be disrupted - if you don't get an answer try again please.

12.11.1 - High Class Gutter Trash stall confirmed for Dec 1st date

12.11.1 - Whitby photos and Synthetic/Narcissus Pool Photos now up in Reviews and Photo sections

29.10.1 - Next date Dec 1st a Saturday again - with special guest band The Sepia and special guest DJ Kink. Details here.

28.10.1 - Thanks to everyone who came along and made the pre-Hallowe'en special such a sucess.

14.10.1 - Tickets are now on sale at The Nowhere Inn, Different Class Records, from the DJs and myself or by mail order for the October 26th show.

14.10.1 - Second stall by the Engineers of Desire confirmed for Oct 26th - selling unique fetish/club designs.

27.9.1 - There will be a DJ warm-up night in the Nowhere Inn (Gilwell St, Plymouth) on Wednesday 24th October. Free entry and a chance to buy tickets and hear tracks by the bands and a mixture of other tunes.

27.9.1 - The Synthetic/Narcissus Pool gig details are now available here.

8.9.1 - The Sepia gig will be supported by DJs only - See events for more details.

8.9.1 - New photos page added with photos from Eurorock & Infest

1.9.1 - We have nearly confirmed all details for a Darkfire at Tramps on October 26th (Friday) - Synthetic & Narcissus Pool + DJs - more details to follow. Tracks by both bands can be found on their own pages or on my Music page. Synthetic are touring to promote their second major album.

13.8.1 - We are working with a couple of bands to do a date between now and Dec 1st - watch this space for more details as the come in.

13.8.1 - Confirmed date December 1st - featuring The Sepia support bands and DJs will be announced closer to the time - it will be held at Tramps - further details will appear on the Events page soon.

11.7.1 - 18th August date has been cancelled - basically we were unable to use Tramps as it was already booked so we booked another venue - this venue has allegedly been flooded and nobody is answering calls or returning messages - these nights cost me too much in time and money to risk bringing down bands and equipement if the venue won't be available. Consequently rather than take the risk I have informed both bands and DJs that the date is to be postponed - keep your eye out for rescheduled dates and other Darkfire happenings.

10.6.1 - Next Darkfire will be August 18th - more details to follow. New Synthetic music added to Music page.

7.5.1 - Plans underway for next Darkfire night

4.5.1 - New MP3 section now up and running

20.3.1 - Currently rebuilding the site with some extra sections - please email with any questions or bugs

26.2.1 - Got some photos back from VoID CoNSTRUCT - they will be scanned and put up soon. Hopefully with a new look site which is easier to navigate.

26.2.1 - Thanks to everyone who came along to the VoID CoNSTRUCT Darkfire - great atmosphere and went really well. We are currently concentrating on Penguins 10th March details of future Darfires to be announced.

05.02.01 - VoID CoNSTRUCT - have just signed a distribution deal with SPV for Europe. SPV is one of the biggest alternative distribution companies in Europe (as an idea they distribute VNV Nation, Motorhead, ASF, Louis Armstrong, Delirium, Bad Manners, Big Country, Johnny Cash, Bon Jovi, Boyzone, Covenant, Cradle of Filth, Cubanate, CTEC, Bob marley, Martha and the Muffins, Merry Thoughts amongst many, many more) so their future is looking very bright - catch them while you can in a small venue.

05.02.01 - Travel details for Darkfire (17th Feb included) see Events page

08.01.01 - Saturday 27th January - Penguins - further details here

08.01.01 - Watch out for details of a special event on 27th January

08.01.01 - Special guest band for 2001 Dark Odyssey agreed more details soon.

04.01.01 - VoID CoNSTRUCT confirmed for Darkfire 17th Feb. See Events for further details.

30.12.00 - Pages currently being updated - please bear with me if there any problems

18.12.00 - Next DarkFire event will be on Saturday 17th February - Bands and DJs to be confirmed - watch this space

18.12.00 - This site will undergo a huge overhaul in the next few weeks making it easier to navigate and will also contain reviews of the WASP Factory compilation amongst other things.

12.11.00 - Things may look a little quiet on the DarkFire front but behind the scenes we are beavering away - look out for news of the next DarkFire event very soon.

16.09.00 - Planning is underway for the next DarkFire events - dates and news when they are confirmed. Also some Infest pictures in the Reviews section.

15.08.00 - DarkFire is taking a break from events over the rest of the summer but there will be updates in the Reviews section, very soon of Mission at Bristol and album reviews of Void Construct and D-U-S-T.

XX.08.00 - Well DarkFire 3 'Summer Sleaze' was another sucess - see Reviews section

21.07.00 - Great write up in the Evening Herald for tomorrow nights gig. See events page for full details

25.06.00 - DarkFire3 - Summer Sleaze - is now nearly all confirmed please see the Events page for full details.

25.06.00 - Despite having Glastonbury on at the same time - DarkFire II was a resounding sucess - Thanks to all that came along - with a bit of luck someone might have some photos I can put up soon. If you have any please email me - I will obviously give you full credit. Thanks to all the DJs who played and Steve at Tramps. Those of you that liked the clothing stall then they will probably be back for the next one, if you have any enquires please email Tails.

29.05.00 - DarkFire II (June 24th) will now not feature any bands but will be a pure DJ mayhem session see Events for details.

29.05.00 - DUST have now confirmed as the support for the Putra Chic date on the 22 July and we also have a very special guest DJ.

21.05.00 - News of next two DarkFire dates posted see Events Section - more details to follow as I get them.

07.06.00 - Major revamp of the Reviews Section - now expanded and with some photos of the first DarkFire night. Much more to come over the next few days.

24.04.00 - Hi, firstly a huge thanks to everyone who came along to the first DarkFire night - it was a great sucess and I'm in the process of starting to arrange another one. Any suggestions or comments please feel free to email me.

08.04.00 - Due to various logistical problems there will be no third band - sorry - however DJ Matt him of the Techno remixes of classic tracks fame will be doing as set as well.

07.04.00 - Tickets recovered so now valid again

02.04.00 - IMPORTANT - ticket numbers 61-70 for teh 15th April night have been stolen - please only buy from authorised sellers . Ticket info

02.04.00 - New Reviews section added

31.03.00 - Links section added

12.03.00 - Ticket details now available

6.03.00 - More details now up including the event on April 15th

02.03.00 - Details of the first events now available in the Events section

02.03.00 - Initial Pages uploaded to the web