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Penguins was set up as an irregular night catering for a wide range of alternative music, with the deliberate intention to have a fun night and celebrate old and new tracks, nothing was off limits, there was nothing we were too precious to play. Initially the nights were run at Charlies (now sadly no more) before moving down to Legends (also sadly no more - worrying pattern here!). Nights were a great sucess and I was joined on DJ duties by DJ Vext for the early Charlies shows and then DJ Spiritus for the Legends shows. For the same reasons Darkfire has been mothballed Penguins has gone the same way I simply have too much to do in my day job to have time to run these nights as they would also raise some conflict of interest problems with my current employer.

Anyway very soon - basically as soon as I find the archived stuff - I will put up the photos from the various nights as well as the graphics designed by DJ Spiritus that graced the fliers and the backdrops.

Anyway thank you all for your support over the years.


(5th November 2003)