After working in and around the club and live music scene in Plymouth and further afield for over ten years as everything from Roadie to DJ to Promotor I thought I'd put my skills to good use and try and bring some fresh bands and DJs down to Plymouth.

Whilst there are plenty of people catering for dance/punk/rock fans - Darkfire aims to cater for the 'darkwave' (goth, industrial, cyber) and associated music styles out there and anything else we like and feel is under representated. Darkfire will initially be a non-profit making concern with any money made over costs going back into improving the next event. We aim to work with anyone and everyone to bring the best down to Plymouth, there are many bands and DJs who have already spoken to me and expressed a strong interest in coming down. I can get them here and put them on but it is up to you to to support the events and make sure that they continue.

There are also reviews of gigs, CDs, bands, books and even plays on the site, all written by me, many of them written initially for 'Scene' magazine. These will also appear in the Darkfire fanzine currently being planned.

Please use the noticeboard or email me with any suggestions or opinions that you may have.
Any DJs/Bands please also feel free to email me.

Thank you